Relax, Rejuvenate & Re-Energize

Welcome to Massage Works of Naperville where the commitment to helping you alleviate stress, reduce muscle tension, & increasing your health & wellbeing is paramount. Whether from work, homelife, or recreation, Massage Works can help you.

At Massage Works of Naperville we offer these treatments to help you start feeling better.

By using various touch techniques the therapist can intitiate changes in the body, mind, & emotions via the manipulation of soft tissue (muscle & fascia) producing a positive impact that directs the recipient towards healing and greater wellness. There are both short term and long term effect of massage therapy. Short term effects are those that occur during the session lasting for brief period post session lasting hours or a day while the long term can last a few days to a week. Regular (monthly or bi-monthly) treatments can extend these effects and help manage ongoing chronic issues (pain or discomfort associated with arthritis, injury, poor posture, fibromyalgia, etc.).

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Swedish Massage

Relax & re-energize yourself. Reduce tension, stress, & anxiety. Escape from the day to day grind and book one today.

Deep Tissue Massage

Experiencing chronic pain or discomfort? Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage and optimize yourself for lasting relief. Don't sit back, go on the attack & get those annoying knots of pain worked out. Your body will thank you later.

Hot Stone Massage

If you enjoy the heat, then turn it up with a hot stone massage. Melt away the built up tension from that hard day at home or workplace.

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Integrative Massage

Are you prepairing or recovering from a sports event? Do you work out in a gym regularly? Book a integrative massage and help improve your recovery in-between workouts.